Who says red wedding room too tacky? Jiangsu small husband and wife installed cool

Bring the marriage room, the first time to think of it is definitely a festive Chinese red. However, the impression of the red wedding room is always soil and tacky, do not recruit young people to be see.

Such as this, a look in the past is full of red, festive is quite festive, is to look for a long time a bit dry mouth.

There is also a witty use of local red items to decorate, but unfortunately pick the curtain a little low.

This is actually a red and impressive, elegant, but most people can not hold.

There are other kind of red, different kind of hot eyes … …

Jiangsu, a pair of small couples after 80, but also to their 85 square meters of small wedding room into a red. However, they used a “black + white + red” with the equipment out of the house festive and modern, users said after watching the cool!

In fact, as long as the home part of the red dotted some furniture, furniture, will be able to light room, looks very happy. Used to do the marriage room and then appropriate, and usually live will not feel awkward, and once tired of the red items replaced, but also can become another style. Of course, to install well is not easy.

The 120 square meters of the marriage room, the red as the home design jumping, played the role of finishing touch.

The red entrance cabinet made the traditional Chinese style.

Red decoration on the display cabinet is a bright spot.

Living room lamp with a red shade, very festive.

The distance of the red one or two can be.

Bedroom with a large area of ​​red, very festive. But these red items as accessories, in the future can gradually replace the use of other colors, and gradually return to normal life.

In addition, you can properly use some small decoration, so that the house is more married atmosphere.

Red single sofa, if again with a red pattern on the carpet, the whole living room looks cheerful. Background color is white, seem simple, with the red sofa with together, it is very dazzling, but also very festive atmosphere of the wedding.

Want to make marriage room living room become different, then do not use wedding as home decoration, and choose the silhouette of men and women to replace. You can use men and women silhouette as the living room of the background wall decoration, both personality and very occasion. The living room background decorative frame according to the style of their living room to choose, not the same style, the effect will be different.

Can be in the living room of the TV cabinet, or the living room shelf put some couples decoration, this decoration will not go to war, but also let the living room become more festive. The most common couple ornaments is the couple Bear dolls, both lovely and fun.

Red wall too thick, in the decoration of the marriage room, you can put part of the wall painted pink, so that neither will appear very monotonous, but also do not have to add other decorations. Pink on behalf of love, one into the living room can feel the feeling of love powder.

(Source: Tianya community, Ji Shi Feng)

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