Tidy up the room neat but three days? Spicy mother to solve the problem of seconds

Storage not only to hide well, but also easy to use, or finally finishing a good room will soon become messy. How in the shortest possible time the items effectively home, at the same time and easy to use and storage? Together to develop a specific room storage plan it ~

Use some of the items, such as hats, gloves, keys, etc., can be used with a number of incorporating drawers, boxes, etc., used to store some crushing items.

The laundry room seemed to be another gathering place. Also use the storage box, and use the jar collection clips, pocket items, clothing accessories, and other repair supplies.

Set the area for children to store clothes, weekly planning in advance a week to wear children’s clothing, according to the date display and suspension, both convenient to wear, but also conducive to finishing.

Is it hard to find the earring or ring you want to wear? Set up a jewelry storage area on the dresser and the wall so that you can see all the jewelry at a glance. The small earrings and earrings on a separate tray, the necklace hanging on the cork board, the larger the earrings can be suspended in the design of a good metal frame.

The classification of clothing, similar clothes placed in the middle of different types of clothing separated by labels, so a professional and clean wardrobe will appear in your eyes.

You can not wear or off-season shoes together to store. The easiest is to sort the shoes by season, so that when access is no longer a pair of rummaging.

To see how many bottles and jars near the sink? You can set up a storage rack, located near the sink or sink above, like this bathroom to hide all the items in the dark room after the door, you can make the bathroom become clean and orderly.

Living room will create chaos of the culprits are generally magazines and e-mail, and children’s supplies. Need to spend a few minutes a day, or every few days to clean up order. We can, like this living room, like the design of an open or semi-open shelf, with storage box to store these items in a timely manner, messy problems easily resolved.

In the living room or bedroom to set up a “lost and found” storage basket. Each family member may be provided with a basket of his own. Some do not know how to deal with or not used to complete the personal items can be assembled to one, this will not make the house look messy, but also easy access and search, and then regularly items within the basket to the whole.

For the use of the specified space is not clear, try to keep the space clean and tidy, and their things placed on the table at random, it is better to give them an exact storage location specified. As with books, you can use boxes or shelves to organize magazines, newspapers, mail, and more. So that the original on the desktop appears to be messy items hidden in the cabinet.

In the cabinet can be added some small additional storage tools, in this cabinet, the lower placed a set of two layers of lattice drawer used to store tea and napkin ring, while each grid can also be used to store the cup.

In this cabinet is installed a number of vertical partitioning rod, the use of these thin rods can make the plate vertically in the cabinet, so convenient to pick and place also saves a lot of space.

Label the lid of the spice jar and store it in a drawer or sash. Use a splitter bar in this drawer to arrange the sauce jars in an orderly manner for easy storage.

Food and other items stored in the kitchen must be the most headaches. Can use the storage box and storage box to organize. In the box and storage box outside the label and notes, like the cabinet, everything becomes neat and orderly, but also easy to find and access.

Although you may not be able to organize in 15 minutes at home all the debris, but can use the free time a space a space slowly finishing, you can gradually become rule-based.

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