Since the female colleagues on the desk put this everyone likes to chat with her

Sitting in front of the desk, staring eyes staring at the computer screen, the mind is full of poetry and distant. But not just beautiful distant to bring us, why do we not do something to change, so that work has become a pleasant surprise and good?

First of all, good order your desk, throw away those who have expired food and messy scratch paper, but also their own clean and tidy office space.

If you feel clean not clean, may wish to start a mini vacuum cleaner, both practical and lovely.

Throw away the beauty of the mouse pad, so that every move is a mouse to enjoy.

Supermarket spend 2 dollars to buy the cup should also be changed, so that the animal cup is not more surprises (scared)

Do not like the color of the table, the easiest way is to spread your favorite table mats above, go all the way to go all the way.

Find a special box with snacks, each will be very happy to open, but remember to regularly clean up the expired things in the box.

Buy yourself a soft pillow on the company, can rely on can also be tummy to sleep, very comfortable.

There is always work and pressure is not the time, then it is necessary to extract a ball egg, like how to pinch on the pinch, pinch instant noodles are also cooler!

You can also use photos, posters and stickers, to create an atmosphere you like.

Meat is absolutely vital for the desk to add vitality to a magic weapon, but the election of a Meng Meng of the meat bowl is also very important.

Finally, from today, with words and photos to record happy things every day, you will slowly find that you really do not want to work so boring.

Such a desk, with the serious work of you as beautiful, good work, enjoy life!

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