Old bras become slippers, wonderful transformation is staggering

Girls are always a variety of clothes and shoes, small objects to the itchy itchy temptation, do not buy sad, buy a pain and happy with.

Especially underwear, because of comfort, personal, shaping and so on a variety of reasons, prices are generally not cheap. Each girl every year to spend countless bra, according to incomplete statistics, the annual discarded bra underwear can circle around the earth N multi-circle! Bra for girls is essential, but the old bra as tasteless, with no, discard the pity!

Pay attention to the three months will have to change, the point of six months have to be new ones, one or two is not enough, but also much more prepared several sets of a year down, be “despicable” had to have a drawer, BUT , Do not hurry to feel bad, teach you to use waste, green and home to save money! . O (∩ _ ∩) O ~

1, transformed into slippers, simple and yet grace

2, knee, cold and windy in your knees can move freely (winter wear silk stockings sister can only bypass!)

3, zero purse / storage bag, scattered for your small objects to find a home

4, pen holder. When the pen with no sense of peace and harmony.

5, masks. Although this mask is not anti-haze, windy days Wulian also warm and pull the wind.

Old bra can do? The bra into a mask is not really a joke! As the world is not harmonious, all kinds of terrorist attacks emerge in an endless stream, all kinds of gas bombs littering around the world, in order to survive, it is best to go out to carry gas masks usually. Obviously, this is too inconvenient.

The wisdom of mankind is endless, in order to solve this problem, crazy scientists have developed a new equipment:

Dr. Elena Bodnar from the MIT Museum invented the bra, called the Emergency Bra (emergency bra). At the critical moment, it can be divided into two, into two gas masks (the other can give her boyfriend), may protect you from some danger. Can be expected in the event of gas leaks later, a group of women have to undress take bra, that is what circumstances.

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