Home sofa sedentary appear wrinkles how to do? Try this recipe

Leather sofas how to clean is a lot of people’s troubles, the sofa leather fabric properties and design diversity, so many people can not start, how clean leather sofa both to remove stains without damaging the leather? Come take a look at the following seven strokes, there is always a look for you.

The first trick: “alkali” sofa heavy dirt, edible alkali will debut, with a sponge wipe the water, the texture of the old dirt can be removed, cleaning results immediate, but remember to scrub one end should be Immediately with water and then scrub clean.

The second measure: “neutral” leather sofa stained with a stained with beer, soda, coffee and other stains, with a white towel dipped neutral soapy water to circularly gently wipe the way, immediately after wiping with Clean water and then scrub clean.

The third measure: “wash white” sofa for a long time, will be covered with stains, light color sofa is obvious. Dipped in a towel and wet wiped leather surface, and then use the glass bottle of “safe bleach” dipped in towels to wipe the fouling of the Department, and finally soaked towel towel to wipe the surface clean.

The fourth trick: “foil” first use gauze dipped in warm water to wipe the surface of leather sofas, and then use the vegetable oil composition of the leather scrub to wipe, remember not to force too much, and finally, the essential oil sprayed to form a natural protective film.

Fifth strokes: “wine therapy” rainy season sofa is easy to grow moldy, freckle small coup, first with an old toothbrush dipped in a high degree of white wine, wipe a mildew place. Then wipe with a cloth, so that wine and mildew volatile. If this approach is invalid, available ammonia diluted with water 20 times, with a towel is not easy to erase the mold, and so on to dry after the clean.

If the child naughty, the stationery ink get in the leather above, is a very troublesome thing. At this time how to clean the leather sofa, you should erase the ink with an eraser as soon as possible, but if grease or dirt generated, you need to use soapy water scrub, then clean water.

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