Foreign housewives big sun closet unexpectedly popular super suction suction millions of patients

Recently, a wave of “closet reorganization” has surfaced on the Internet, and many foreign housewives have shared the skills of organizing closets or closets on social media, as well as photos of their own closets. From the pasta to the flour and then to the cereal, each small objects are placed neatly. More extreme cleanliness of the people, and even custom shelves to display wine and cooking oil.

This space is really pleasing. A good house not only to live but also should have a flexible storage space. Some people say to buy a few more cabinets can not solve this problem? Once the idea of ​​buying new furniture, will endlessly into the “things increase – buy a new cabinet,” the cycle, the increase in the cabinet will occupy the space at home, affecting the appearance, so this approach is not desirable. However, you can use closets, cabinets, drawers in the island and other existing space, do a good job finishing to change the storage capacity will have some effect Oh.

There is a music called Lele users that the kitchen plus the addition to the bed at home, stay outside the longest time, things naturally is one of the largest home. So, she started from the kitchen, with a variety of storage techniques and gadgets, to organize their own kitchen was well-organized and generous to po a more detailed Raiders.

For most people, may not be so detailed, may also own kitchen hardware facilities are not allowed, such as space is too small, not much cabinets and so on. Well, you can also try to start this section of several affordable models of tools to solve the clutter of space.

Admission, but a science, not simply put things up on it. But to follow a certain amount of methods and skills associated with a certain artifact to carry out. As an entry-level white, it does not matter, remember to upgrade these points by playing the boss is not a problem Oh ~

1. All admission to facilitate their own find, take, put for the purpose. Do not put things in an inconvenient place for so-called “cleanliness”. (Such as spices may be placed elsewhere, more beautiful, but when cooking still have to run all the way to get, too inconvenient)

2. Conditional students, Nakajima is a good thing. Take advantage of.

3. Storage basket, drawer compartment, a transparent Le Le deduction, and so very easy to use wild, you can buy, always used.

4. If the family has open admission (such as open shelves) kind, it is recommended to buy more sets of containers (such as a whole mason jars glass jar, or supporting ceramic storage tank, etc.), the heart can then paste the label, looks Will be very neat and decorative.

5 universal and consequently a treasure.

6. More pictures to learn.

7. Make full use of walls, doors and other non-conventional storage locations. Instead, try not to put too many things on the table, or look messy.

8. Usually buy things packaging (especially non-paper, such as honey, grapefruit tea drinking glass bottles, etc.) try not to throw, admission debris is easy to use.

Look at people’s kitchen, in addition to heart, but also action oh

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