Drawer can also play a flower The 12 design certainly let you unexpected

Modern home interior, a variety of user-friendly design after another, these designs make us an eye-opener at the same time, but also to make our lives more convenient. Today, Xiaobian give you a Pa Pa, and is on the drawer design, if you are the impression of the drawer, or stay in a simple storage items in this regard, then read the following 12 designs, I believe you drawer Will be a lot more different understanding.

1, snack cabinet. In the cabinet inside the design of such a cabinet, and then their snacks with a glass sealed canned, put in, not only can be a very good food, but also to get what you want to eat snacks, but this hidden type Design has a problem, that is, you may forget the existence of these snacks, but if it is to eat the goods, I believe not.

2, secret bar counter. Home refrigerator is often a variety of drinks to drink beer to occupy a lot of space, and take the time have to be careful. But if you have this can be frozen and quick-frozen drawer, you can store more fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and snacks it!

3, obsessive-compulsive disorder cupboard. This design is simply a boon or obsessive compulsive disorder pots friends of the Gospel, because it can not only your plate is well fixed in your designated location, will not easily slide or fall, and you can also with their own The mood to adjust their position.

4, coffee collection area. Convenient and delicious K-Cup coffee has gradually occupied the mainstream market in Europe and America, so this drawer has emerged, the top of the sliding plate is used to accommodate different flavors of coffee instant cup, the following into a variety of coffee drinking tool. If you do not like coffee, and other things into the admission is also very good.

5, food storage area. We have a lot of unfit for the vegetables and food in the refrigerator, may be stored in the drawer, it seems like nothing special, but the drawer is the biggest advantage of the design of the classification of storage, because some food if mixed storage together , Will be faster and worse, such as onions and potatoes and the like, if so separate storage, do not worry about this problem.

6, super storage room. Cooking seasonings are indispensable for culinary geeks and lovers, and if you do not want them to be exposed to the outside or cluttered with cabinets, you might want to customize one of these on the fridge side. Of the multi-layer push-pull drawer, no matter how many bottles and jars you can put in, and every time out from the refrigerator when the ingredients, easily can come up with the necessary cooking seasoning.

7, pet food area to enjoy. The family’s pet to eat when the feed is easy to spread everywhere? With such a drawer, the problem is much easier to handle, can be fixed in the drawer of the feed basin, any spoiled pet how to eat feed can not be overturned; and there is a special storage box next to the drawer, Meng Chong If you do not eat enough, you can easily add.

8, hot tool cooling rack. When we use the hair dryer or perm hairpin, the above temperature is usually very high, if included in the outside, careless encounter is likely to burn, so it is best to put them in such a drawer, so that they Safe area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural cooling, so that can better protect their families.

9, additional kitchen console. Some small family, the kitchen area may be very limited, but I do not know where to borrow space out, then this drawer is very useful. The drawer can not only cut the food when the cutting board, those who do not need the material can also be pushed through the middle of the hole in the middle of the drawer below the garbage storage bag, this idea is not great?

10, hidden ironing board. Who would have thought, a drawer open, but also ironing clothes? However, the reality is indeed yes. This drawer inside, put a folding admission of the ironing board, when you need ironing clothes, it can be opened, the drawer is also free to turn the baffle, and more aspects of use.

11, the tool storage area. This drawer requires little space, but its role is very large. It can not only those sharp cutting tool all neatly incorporated, lock design can also give the family more careful protection, no longer have to worry about children at home will not accidentally touch them.

12, children’s wash pedal. Bathroom washstand are generally in accordance with the use of adult standards to design, so many adults will hold the children wash, very convenient. If you want their own children to early independent wash, you can like this, in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet can design a load-bearing drawers, children can step on the above to wash, and other children grow up, do not need, you can Use it as a drawer.

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