Domestic drama to progress, have to start with the home scene!

Many domestic drama often gives a very false, out of reality feeling, why is it so? And regardless of the plot and service Road, the first is a fake scene is made in China. Some of the TV series in the home like a model room, no smoke and gas.

The recent “beauty for the stuffing,” two people this is sitting in the furniture store love it? Sofa and coffee table on the Han did not … … everywhere are bare, do not see what the owner living inside the what kind of living habits.

“Smile is Allure” in the dormitory has been Tucao untrue.

In real life, the Chinese college girls dormitory is like this!

The home of the film and television drama set is not to say the same must be true with the real situation, but to serve the story and character. However, this piece of pink in the end what is the meaning? Is it because it is girls, so the director group to set the pink? In accordance with actress Tony slightly in the play character set, make big red is not better?

Often, can be called a good film and television drama is not only from the plot of kimonos, you will die hard on the home scene!

Japanese TV drama “towards 5 nights 9 ~ handsome monk fell in love with me”, the heroine home sparrow is small,

Full of Dangdang all kinds of daily necessities. Family of four, small and warm ~

Some time ago constantly brush the “Sage of Love” also set carefully. The home of the hostess, seaside villa rich artistic flavor and beauty.

The courtyard is also lush, flora was taken care of very well. Color is very enjoyable

The upstart two women had the most unique sea view, but the family is a mess, no life beauty.

Bath tub with excellent backyard view is abandoned. Showing a nouveau riche and no humane atmosphere.

Grow up, although the two women’s home looks high-grade, but also the lack of warmth.

As for the Korean drama. Almost every hit of the Korean drama will lead to a wave of popular fashion, and the layout of the home is also painstakingly!

“From the stars of you,” the fetters of love every step of the drama fans are affecting the heart, and the drama of the home design with the goddess of the goddess as seductive. Jeon Ji-hyun played the big star thousands of Chung-yu living in luxury apartments, the house is a luxurious floor windows and dark wood furniture, home and thousands of Song Yi’s huge portraits, showing the characters rich and narcissistic features, very big Star settings. Jin Xiuxian plays a professor at home although the luxury, but did not hang their own portraits, but have a solid wood bookcase. Home green surrounded by “Star” leisure area, as well as museum-like collection of Court, people just want to sigh soon: 400 years of taste is not really built the cover!

“Cheese traps” in the college student heroine to rent out, the space is a variety of composite use.

Japan and South Korea’s TV drama, especially the TV series, known for small fresh. While the aesthetic of European and American film and television drama is more bold and high cold.

First, the “Budapest Grand Hotel” Gao Yan bright color matching

For example, “Budapest Hotel”, the play gains the 87th Oscar Award for Best Costume Design Award, Best Makeup and Hair Design Award, Best Art Direction Award. Many people have seen this black comedy drama, in addition to the ups and downs of the story, to say that the formation of a major feature is definitely one of the bold color.

Second, the “Yan after Yan” Rococo style of modern reproduction

The film is adapted from the novel, tells the story of the queen of the French Queen Marie Antoinette’s legendary life. The film no matter how the story, but the biggest bright spot is that the whole play is shooting in the real Versailles Palace. From the style of folding fans and shoes repeatedly to the glazed walls of the palace wall, the film is extremely luxurious things, including architecture, interior decoration, clothing and painting, Louis XV period popular in France Rococo style is the film in the visual The biggest feature.

Third, the “Amelie” French retro home of the Trolltech

As the French classic love film, almost every literary youth must see ah. The film tells of Emily’s unfortunate childhood, but it all does not affect her open-minded optimism of life. Princess Diana’s death made her feel lonely and frail in life, and began a series of dumb and helpless helpers.

4, “Smith couple” Kuangpai cool smart modern kitchen

Five, “and Shamo’s 500 days” overall industrial Nordic wind

Sixth, “50 degrees gray” fashion simple modern style

Residential is the most touching is the owner’s attitude to life, the most successful home set is also true!

The scene seems casual, but all the time to highlight the protagonist’s life and interest.

Domestic drama has done well in fact there will be some death.

For example, “Langya list” classical simplicity.

“Small separation” of the trivial and life.

Therefore, the domestic drama to progress, we must first start from home furnishings, good home furnishings do not necessarily represent the series produced well, but the poor set behind the production staff has revealed the casual, so the quality of the series, Oh!

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