Bought a light “to eat ash,” the list of appliances to regret double-eleven have to hold

“Double 11” close to all kinds of preferential information overwhelming, buy the body to buy the primitive power has been poised to go? And so on, do not rush orders, first look at most of these people did not buy how to send small appliances, combined with their own situation to consider whether or not to order.

1, bread machine, oven, yogurt machine:

Many longing for Western-style friends, fantasy can be baked up to people. But some things backfire, even in accordance with the steps, some hand-residual party still can not do a good taste, bread is not fragrant, yogurt too sour, baked cookies too dark. Spent a lot of money has not been used a few times, the key still occupies a place.

2, Juicers, juice machine:

Now, this kind of thing is very popular, the price from a few hundred to tens of thousands. But it occupies a lot of family regret one of the list, with them is not difficult to clean up too difficult. Traditional juicer area is relatively large, there are many friends do not reserve place, can only be placed in the cabinet, when used again. You take out, certainly want to squeeze more. Can be squeezed too much, and drink not finish, can only be wasted drained.

Electric mixer is baked and raw, but the oven are not used, whisk will use it? Used to make an egg fried tomatoes do not feel well.

Want to eat fried afraid of high heat, air fryer is a good choice. But now the frying pan is not enough intelligence, leading to full house smoke, run out hard to wash, there are many people are thrown in the side with a.

Korean hot, a lot of people want to eat barbecue at home, this is a good choice, but the barbecue smoke is very large, one or two people eat too much to prepare, very troublesome, plus the last eating rinse a lot of trouble, lazy People taboo with this thing.

However, some people also bought these small appliances after the happiness index rose, but if you are a hand residual party and lazy cancer late, wanted to try a fresh, or think twice, do not spend money in a one-time place .

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