Meng Jie home life museum debut Beijing harmonious home life new experience

October 28, Hunan Meng Jie Home Textiles Co., Ltd. Beijing’s first home life museum debut Beijing Ciqikou, and held the opening ceremony.

Meng Jie Group began in 1956, adhering to the “love in the family” at the same time adhere to the core concept of character and fraternity of corporate culture. A total of 11 wholly-owned subsidiary and a holding subsidiary, and in 2010 successfully transformed into a listed company, the value of up to 1.4 billion character. Meng Jie Group with profound historical background, the relentless pursuit of the true attitude towards life and excellence in the production concept, has become the industry leader.

Meng Jie to a comprehensive and pragmatic brand strategy, with 11 major brands: “Meng Jie,” “sleep soundly,” “dream Jie baby”, “Meng Jie home”, “seek”, “Beself” “Dreamcoco”, “Poeffen”, “Mee” and “Meisong”, which are unique in the market with rich product style and unique brand positioning.

October 28, Meng Jie Group CEO Li Jing in person and delivered a speech on behalf of the Group.

Li Jing said, “From 1956 to 2016, Meng Jie has a full 60 years! 60 years of years, looking back, every stage of Meng Jie, have become a just right experience.” Along the way, Meng Jie The glory of the Group, can not do without the support and love of every colleague here, but we do not go far enough, we will work harder, and I firmly believe that tomorrow’s dream will be better in the future. , We will never change the beginning of the heart, for our customers to build China ‘s most comfortable home experience.

60 years, Meng Jie Group has remained unchanged at the beginning of the heart to Jiang Xin write feelings.

The opening ceremony, the leading shopping malls in Beijing are also invited to the activities of the scene, for the Meng Jie home life museum Beijing Ciqikou flagship store new bloom ribbon. People from all walks of life are also at the scene to witness this historic moment. New starting point, new beginning. In this, let us offer sincere blessings, wish the dream of home life museum Beijing Ciqikou flagship store of financial resources, flourishing.

Li Jie, CEO of Meng Jie Group, Meng Jie, general manager of brand rotation Luo Zheng and guests to cut the ribbon for the home life of Meng Jie

Meng Jie, general manager of brand rotation Luo reception guests

Home brand manager for the invited guests to introduce the agent brand ecomore

Overseas agent brand Agraria

The world’s textile to see China, China’s textile dream of a few. Let us work together to bless the dream of the Group tomorrow more brilliant.

Meng Jie home life Museum Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing West Flower City, South East, Building 15, a layer of Meng Jie home life Museum

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