Invite you to eat the second period | friends in the eyes of the prophet? Wang big red burst

October 29 at noon, banquet kitchen (West Dawang Road shop), Netease home stalls at home the first big video live video section II launch, the protagonist is the Red Star Meikailong Group Vice President and Chief Executive of the Beijing-Shanghai Southwest Region Manager – Wang Wei. Refined, smart and chic uninhibited him, and sincerely share their years of marketing management experience, detailed analysis of the status of the home industry and future trends, but also generously “broke the news” of the Macalline business sense, so that the presence of guests and The majority of the audience to share a “beauty” of the feast.

In addition to the people, this program to eat and drink together to play Hey “Friends of rice” there: China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Circulation Branch Circulation Branch Secretary Liu Yong, Fei Mei Group Chairman Zhonghong Wen, chairman of the current decoration Dai Jiangping, KD overall General manager of home furnishings Yan Hong, Europe to send general manager of Beijing Branch into the high, home electrical business experts Li Qian, Habitat to brand director Qu Zhihai, criminal days Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. founder Li Peiyu, NetEase home editor Hu Yanli.

China Building Sanitary Ceramics Circulation Branch Secretary-General Liu Yong:

Wang always Meikailong go-getters, in charge of the Red Star’s Guide, ace shop, a very operational management, in the store system has done quite well, recently involved in the stone, is the first chain store The stone industry into the entire home plate.

Ou Pai Beijing Branch General Manager Gao Jin:

For Wang, the first feeling is very honest; the second is heavy love, more brothers; third to look, the EU to send special support, especially in the Beijing system.

KD overall home furnishing Yan Hong:

Wang Wei always give me the feeling is not the boss of the building materials industry. He is very refined, in the whole building materials industry more out of the ordinary; his help to manufacturers is more business philosophy of communication, collision, the idea came out to make you feel that after leading the industry.

Decorative chairman Dai Jiangping:

Wang in the industry famous, speech and thought on the entire home industry is quite influential. With the evolution of the Internet, I hope Red Star and the current cooperation to a deeper level, rather than limited to simple cooperation.

Feihong Group Chairman Zhong Hongwen:

Fei and the United States, including Feimi home and fly the United States and the United States, home to fly the first shop in the Red Star, has been greatly supported by the United States and the United States and the United States, We have to follow up the Red Star shop area, to achieve win-win benefits.

I do industry research, the first two years to write the first book, “winning the seven pillars of O2O”, was standing on the objective position known to write a lot of criticism, including Red Star, including many companies today have the opportunity and Wang Members experts to see if we have any other views can exchange collision, the future will be more comments.

Netease home of the national editor Hu Yanli:

Wang in my heart on the two words, the first is a wisdom of the brain, the second is an uninhibited heart. Wisdom of the brain can be expressed in his high emotional intelligence, innovation, unique management insights and insight for the future. Uninhibited heart, he often travel by car, the world has his shadow.

Modern style is the future of the mainstream home

Wang Wei think he sometimes predict the prospective because he often will be the length of a thing elongated point of view, through a long period, you can see the trend of change. He said that if the home industry from the ten-year and fifteen-year cycle is still quite interesting point of view, the trend is also very clear, the future is still very stressed the demand for environmental protection, green demand from the style, 85, 90 After the consumer slowly grow up, this part of the consumers have the opportunity to go around the world to live and study, in fact, the West is the most mainstream of modern style, so the future of the popular home style must be the most mainstream of modern style, High-end stuff, things of the public, can go along the modern style to find.

The era of personalization has arrived

On the custom, Wang Wei chatted about the past, he said that the early carpenter to do something is customized, please two carpenters, a painter, to do a room furniture, carpenters will look at the size of the house, big wardrobe, But now consumers do not want to “Zhuangshan” personalized to the times, when consumers use furniture, two acquaintances found with the same sofa on the same time, There will be no sense of accomplishment, custom wind began to pop. Wang Wei also mentioned why KD overall home two years of brand, channel, product awareness has rapid development, because they are now satisfied with the personalized needs, in fact, “custom wind”, “more young”, “more fashionable “Are the future trend of home furnishing industry.

37 points upside down after the aesthetic victory

Chinese people are getting rich, and in this era of aesthetic awakening, who can meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese people, who is a good business, every enterprise must go to understand the changes in the aesthetic of the entire social groups, the only way In order to find opportunities for development, Wang Wei said with certainty. He said: “I used to say is ‘one-third of the quality of the United States’, the United States is not the United States is not important, as long as the quality of durable, genuine, real material, can sell well; but the future may be seven Of course, the Chinese people prefer material, but the whole world depends on the design of winning, behind the design is actually a beauty to win. “The world’s best-known brand of furniture in the world.

Decoration companies need to multi-functional development

The future of the decoration company to do what can survive? Wang Wei that do not need to shop a lot of shops, but one of his shop must have multiple functions, such as office, materials, information management system, so information systems dealers can easily search through the network to you, including people experience To the process display, design, must be brought together to form a space field. “From the perspective of market demand, I think if the four modules, that is, design modules, information modules, the main material package, process integration experience will be very promising, the future of the decoration company should work towards these four. These four modules may not be able to do or do good, but can do a good job in one or two of the decoration company is good. “Wang Wei said.

“See trick” Facing the question and answer

Netease home: the face of other brands of Mengjin momentum, “thirty” of the Macalline, as the market leader in the field of circulation will be how to maintain the leading trend in the future?

Wang Wei: Red Star official announced a “1001 strategy”, put forward online and offline business integration, I think this is the star for the future strategy, is also a solution. Because now we are in an information society, there are several things that will change our commercial form: First, consumer groups aesthetic changes; Second, we have to consider, China is a more affluent, more and more money Of society, the poor focus on the price of society, focusing on the amount of supply, focusing on the richness of the product, but the rich society is focused on psychological experience, focusing on quality, focusing on the United States, focusing on individuality, Technology, will change the commercial form, artificial intelligence, VR technology, including immediately will come out of the 5G, these communication technologies will change our business form, business changes in shape will now we believe that the right Things have become incorrect, but in fact it does not matter, a good entrepreneur can adjust to be able to adapt.

NetEase home: a lot of home brands in the store to open their own independent shop, shop experience, this trend for the past to undertake the decoration company platform, the traditional store is also a cut, or impact? The future for the store’s positioning is like?

Wang Wei: I think the trend of opening large stores, including flagship stores, including decoration company, it is also early in the office business, then it combined with the mall, and then later returned to the office. This form of business will be long-term, there is no monopoly of a commercial form to eliminate other forms of business, business forms must be diversified. But there is always a mainstream business form, I think a business to learn to choose and which combination of business more appropriate, always only more appropriate. As enterprises are concerned to pursue two things, namely the efficiency of the promotion and the establishment of advantages, choose which channel does not matter.

Dai Jiangping: Meikailong platform with the home improvement company after the cooperation is marginalized, the depth of cooperation, or with the situation changes?

Wang Wei: I think and home improvement company is to the depth of cooperation, not only the depth of cooperation gathered a lot of home improvement company, which is on the one hand; Second, I hope to come in the home improvement company is not a form of pick-up center, Your advantage, you come in after you can show your advantages, for example, you are design, we give you a particularly suitable for the design of space, you are experiential, we also give you to create a full show you Line construction technology space, or even I can with you in the property structure to do some changes to meet the requirements of your construction process, so that customers can appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship. We can cooperate, but if the depth of cooperation is to recruit more home improvement company, it does not make sense.

Zhong Hongwen: Feimei has a department specialized in imports, the rapid growth of demand is also increasing, the next Red Star will not develop import areas, high-end area, how to match, whether there are some policy aspects of our building materials tilt?

Wang Wei: This is our thinking, because now we are doing is imported home business, but in fact the imported products to meet a certain type of people on the way of life requirements, not only the requirements of the way of life, furniture, facts Also include building materials, next year we are prepared to East Fourth Ring shop on the first floor and the negative floor of the first floor made of furniture and building materials together, the living room with a very high sofa, the bedroom bathroom must also be very good, the only way In order to form a way of life, we try to building materials and furniture are understood as home, are using “home” concept, are placed in a space to form a more advanced way of life displayed.

Qu Haihai: What kind of way to lead the line off the passenger line, a member of the backstage, how can the line from the line of passenger traffic leads to the line?

Wang Wei: Many companies are in this area under the effort, the industry’s well-known enterprises, like our Red Star, like actually, so many years of unremitting exploration, this year has a dedicated team of Red Star to do the work, and we also released “1001 Strategy”, is now implementing the strategy. Some of the basic work is done, our product development, including the line of the line team and so on. I think the Internet is an iterative, constant pursuit of the process, the first generation of R & D products will come out this year, we can go to experience, I believe we will continue to optimize on this basis, iterative, and slowly reach the market Need to see the level.

“The night gave me black eyes, but I use it to find the light.We are groping in the dark, there must be light, and certainly someone will find success.” This is our “thinker” “Predictor” Ah Wei At the end of the program to give everyone positive energy. Everyone in the home industry to explore, but who is a step faster, who studied deeper, who do better in place of the problem. For the future, should be full of confidence to meet the challenge!

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