Into the Effenda factory: automation and improvement of production

Was established in 2005, the main products for the bathroom drying rack, electric towel rack, home heating, smart home products, as Europe’s top bathroom drying ODM partners, the company gradually in recent years the company’s business From abroad to domestic, the European standard products back to the country, in late October, Xiao Bian into the Yifengda Jiangxi Shangrao plant in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 220,000 square meters of modern plant to explore better products production technology and management processes.

High-quality products from the beginning of control of raw materials

In Effenda plant raw materials warehouse, a large number of steel orderly arrangement, the relevant person in charge of Ivenda company, the company’s procurement of raw materials are purchased from the domestic high-quality steel suppliers, including electroplating sections of the raw materials are used drying frame Japan SPCC standard low carbon steel, steel itself toughness, coupled with the characteristics of easy welding, making the final product is not easy deformation, durable, but also particularly good maintenance. This ensures that the product can “win at the starting line” so that every detail of the product quality is demonstrated, and because of large-scale mass production and large-scale procurement, economies of scale makes Effendi’s raw materials to ensure high quality under the premise of Lower cost.

In the metalworking workshop Xiaobian see to see the expansion tube assembly process, the workers are orderly and efficient product assembly, “This expansion tube assembly process is Efunda unique, horizontal nozzle trumpet-like curling, not only Can effectively guarantee the firmness of the product structure can also speed up the heat source water flow and circulation.

Automation, the cornerstone of product quality

“The company now has a leading automated plating, spraying production line, thermostat controller, sensor production line,” said Zhang Wei, director of the company’s product quality, .

“Automatic welding” This process is different from the general drying rack radiator manufacturers using manual welding, Ivenda using automatic computer-controlled inverter welding, the welding temperature, current, resistance, welding time to be stable control, but also according to the work Conditions to adjust to ensure that the welding surface finish, so the maximum to reduce the welding defects, reducing the product of the pitting corrosion.

“Spraying and electroplating process is to determine the two drying rack, radiator product quality of the surface of the key processes.” Spraying line workers, automatic spraying a total of three lines, one day to complete the spraying of more than 5,000 pieces of products. According to the technical staff, the spraying production line is a Swiss automatic gun and IRB electrostatic spraying automatic line. It adopts ultrasonic cleaning, surface double pickling phosphating process and three-dimensional electrostatic nanometer spraying technology to make the spray coating layer have excellent adhesion and uniform color. , Never fade, high temperature corrosion resistance.

Automatic plating production lines a total of one day to complete the spray plating products more than 8,000 pieces of plating production line using the German MOT plating technology, a unique seven-layer plating process, coating thickness higher than the industry at least 20%, this process to ensure that the electroplating product surface Smooth as a mirror, ten years as new.

“Repeated” high quality requirements

From the automatic spraying line, after the completion of the plating line products directly through the ring transfer line flow to the second floor of the functional test area for leakage of stress testing and safety testing and other testing, testing qualified products and then transferred to the packaging line for packaging.

In the previous production of each link, will also be related to quality inspection, so that “repeated” quality inspection, technical manager Zhang Wei said, not only to check the product defects, to ensure product quality can also help businesses avoid unnecessary Waste, cost savings.

Yifen Da Qiang, director of quality control, said Yao, a product quality inspection, but off the situation, the quality inspector will be judged as bad products, bad products in strict accordance with the company’s control procedures failed to enter the rework, scrap and other processes. Effenda products of the feed, process, completion, storage, delivery has strict inspection standards and testing procedures, key processes Aifen Da products used in all the seized way, each process of any quality problems, are not Quasi-flow to the next process which.

Everest technology manager Zhang Wei in an interview that the company’s products are strictly enforced in Europe EN442 standard manufacturing, and access to the European CE certification, the Netherlands KIWA certification, Germany Keymark certification, the German A-level energy efficiency, and many other international Authoritative product certification. Each of the details of the products are almost harsh quality standards, took the drying rack leak test, the entire manufacturing process was carried out 6 times.

Ivenda’s products into and out of the bar code automatic identification system, both to ensure the accuracy of the goods out of, but also to ensure product traceability.

Regulate the production of human work atmosphere

In the process of small series of visits, security warnings everywhere, work flow, machine operation, “each of our workers after the entry will be more than 10 hours of pre-job training, training and examination to pass before induction, so that we Each operator on their own work skills have a full range of familiarity and understanding.At the same time we have to attend the workshop every morning, at the morning meeting, the team leader will focus on the production of the day the key points for advocacy And training. “Effendor introduced to the person in charge.

According to the person in charge of Effenda business, as of October this year, Ivenda of the company’s overall performance has reached a record high in the world’s overall economic slowdown in the development of the environment, Ivan Fanta uphold innovation ten years as a day, to obtain So proud of the performance is not easy, we wish Ivenda of the company to go further for the Chinese quality to the world continue to move forward steadily.

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