Had to serve, the opening ceremony can play such a! Nature green home improvement this time to play

Since the opening of the environmental home improvement since the rapid expansion in the home improvement plate, just two years, the flagship store layout to Hangzhou, and in Guangzhou, Beijing, Kunming rooted secret agents. This does not, on October 29, nature home decoration welcomed the Foshan Nanhai Yifeng City flagship store opening event. In the “golden nine silver ten” home improvement season, the nature of environmental protection prominent encirclement, so poised long-standing flagship store in the South China Sea costumes opened, amazing public. The opening period, the greater the price of environmental protection home open bargain, hit the 12,990,000 direct bag occupancy slogan, to the vast number of consumers benefit.

For environmental protection, shine the city

Foshan, the first environmentally friendly home improvement flagship store, will be higher quality of service throughout the Foshan to continue to expand the posture blossom everywhere. Will also be in the future business stage adhering to the “bear the responsibility of environmental protection, general health life” business mission, the ecological and environmental protection into the concept of enterprise production, procurement, marketing, consumption and other links, to provide our clients with design, measurement, construction , Door-to-door installation and after-sale warranty service.

The original price of 19.99 million home improvement package during the opening period of a larger price, as low as 12.99 million, the only difference is the price difference is still selected eight major international brands to do the main raw material to standardize production and a strong supply chain Reduce costs, to ensure quality on the basis of cost-effective, high-utility Rangli consumers, the real peace of mind for customers, effort, money, save time, to focus on the quality of home health customers with multiple health defense protection.

The city has fun, causing screaming

On the opening day, the activities in the vivid lion dance rejoicing sound, and then the natural environment of the guests invited guests lion dancing to the opening of the event to a climax, attracted a deafening applause.

Today, the South China Sea VivoCity unprecedented, cheering constantly, lively non-stop, because the nature of environmental protection exciting activities detonated the audience. Nature green home improvement creative use of WeChat wall interaction with the audience, causing a lot of crowd watching and sweep sign attendance, the audience a little easier with your mobile phone, you can send greetings to the big screen interactive, live music atmosphere.

And to the whole point of time, more exciting hundred dollars of luxury furniture auction activities, the value of 1999 yuan bookcase and 4999 yuan wardrobe starting price of 100 yuan. Value of the discount attracted a lot of people onlookers, the audience have raised their hands to auction, competitive auction that crowded scenes, so that the scene suddenly boiling up. A time of three pieces of fine furniture has become a hottest precious baby. Auction scenes intense, and finally patted the furniture audience shouted value.

The most direct concessions was undoubtedly the site to send a secret packet red envelopes. Opened all day, the nature of environmental protection home furnishings held a number of rounds of red envelopes mad scramble activities, each event is open, the host will announce the Chinese secret order, eye-catching people with secret orders to quickly get high red envelopes, are satisfied.

Of course, in addition, there are many more performances and fun game interaction, all day down, Yee Fung City hubbub, stop coming down!

Million people empty, hundreds of thousands of onlookers, one million points praise

Line activities lively, and online activities is a sensation throughout the country. During the event, the nature of environmental protection home improvement also conducted a day cat live, so that the national audience can watch the event, online and offline linkage, two-pronged approach. Eventually, the live event attracted more than 100,000 people watch online, triggering more than 6,000 viewers comments, points praise is more than a million. It seems that the nature of environmental protection home improvement activities offer huge, interesting lottery, suction power can not be underestimated, the gas field has deterred all over the country, is bound to inspire a wave of home improvement buy, this wave no loss!

Shot extraordinary, because the heart of Polygala

This shot extraordinary, huge benefit the whole city, because has been adhering to the “Tam responsibility of environmental protection, general health life” business mission, so that more people enjoy the wisdom of a healthy life. South China Sea flagship store high-end image of the wonderful presentation, in addition to the interpretation of the perfect combination of fashion and elegance, and into the green new concept, so that every one into the flagship store guests can enjoy leisurely shopping trips outside. But also to give consumers live music, value, peace of mind, fast new home improvement experience for the majority of home enthusiasts to provide home overall design, intelligent life, construction standardization,

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