Double 11 Home Raiders Raiders instructions

Double eleven rush to buy section immediately to, do you want to take this opportunity to buy some fine furniture to improve the quality of life? But friends of the net purchase of furniture experience to tell you: online shopping furniture may come back a little gap and in kind, or under a single month has not shipped, or to hand after the discovery of goods prices high. So, you start thinking, why every time you want to change the quality of life, the result is always unsatisfactory?

Faced with the shortcomings of online shopping, no need to worry about, FINE refined furniture Lynx flagship store, ready to provide you with fine furniture, to solve all your anxiety, want to improve the quality of life, get minutes. FINE refined furniture Lynx flagship store, double-eleven special rush to buy Raiders, to help you “prescribe the right medicine,” selected for their own value for money products.

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Cure the crowd: they yearn for freedom and free and easy life, a cup of coffee is a book that is happy, more eager to find the soul among the downtown habitat for the place, put aside the vanity and hypocrisy, to a real dialogue with the heart.

For a longing for freedom and quiet soul, with a casual American life better, however, FINE refined furniture, double the introduction of the American family sofa 3 +1 sofa group, meticulous restoration of the American village Life style. Sofa design abandoned the tedious and luxurious, comfortable function-oriented, emphasizing the return to nature of the heart, taken from the color of nature, people feast for the eyes, solid and solid four-legged structure, exquisite package design edge, thick Reliable cushion and detailed smooth lines, have confirmed the ingenuity of the spirit of this era.

Healing Price: original price ¥ 19996 double 11 pre – sale price: ¥ 9899

Amoy password: ¥ AASnIwGq ¥

Cure the crowd: their respect for the quality of life, meticulous to every corner of the table, with a stable atmosphere of personality, never easy to compromise, the taste of life, but prefer retro classic.

Their desire to ritual, life is always in perfect order, introduced the retro nostalgic American dinette combination, is for them to create a sense of this ritual, gentle rustic colors, Dignified and elegant temperament, Journey Into Amazing Caves, as if every inch of wood has its own unyielding proud of the soul.

Healing Price: original price ¥ 29510 pairs of 11 pre – sale price: ¥ 18128

Amoy password: ¥ AASnQheX ¥

Curing people: they want to wander in the dream of cozy free and easy, but in reality very assertive, they pursue a texture of life, but hate the drift of the same, they will choose their own classic, as they paranoid The pursuit of spiritual resonance.

Cure Raiders: In the design of the designer, these from the natural wood seems to have the ability to think. FINE refined furniture flagship store launched the bedroom package, to any desire to exchange the soul of the party Pure Land. Deep black, elegant white, as well as the original wood color, so that every one has more choice of assertive space, soft bed by six beds and elegant fashion stars bedside table classic match, high-quality sophisticated antique craft, ancient rhyme Full, compelling.

Healing price: original price ¥ 30000 pairs of 11 special price ¥ 13800

Amoy Password: ¥ AASnRPch ¥

FINE refined furniture has thousands of products, from across the classical to modern different styles, into the fashion industry and interior design of the latest trend. Fancy appearance, the details of the structure of excellence is molded “refined furniture,” the remarkable extraordinary, on the occasion of the double-11 preferential season, the introduction of five preferential policies, details of consultation FINE refined furniture Lynx flagship store.

Better American life, on the FINE refined furniture Lynx flagship store! . .

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