China and the United States together M POINT Capital home building overseas market strategy

On the morning of Oct. 28th, Huamei Group and Hua-Na Household Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement with MPoint Capital, a real estate development company in the United States, which was the leading US pension and commercial real estate development company. The signing ceremony was held at Huamei Beijing headquarters.

Long-term commitment to become a home building materials industry leader in the transformation of China and the United States home, as residential and commercial home building materials industry, manufacturers and brands, and its unique business model in recent years in the Chinese market come to the fore. The strategic agreement with MPoint Capital is expected to further open the door to overseas markets, with many domestic high-quality home suppliers to more deeply rooted in overseas markets, the Chinese home brand to the forefront of the world stage .

MPoint Capital is a real estate finance, development and management company with more than 40 years of overall planning, development and management experience in commercial real estate and pension properties. MPoint Capital works closely with Meridian Geriatric Care Management, LRS Architectural Design and Woodcrest Construction Management in the United States, with proven real estate development models and multiple commercial real estate projects under construction, as well as managing dozens of pension plans Institutions; in China with MCC overseas, ocean real estate and other enterprises together, focusing on investment and the introduction of overseas pension real estate projects.

Chairman Huafeng Jia Feng, President Jiang Manyu, Vice President Zhang Zhiliang and other leaders and MPoint Capital three representatives Chris Fox, Bob Ferrante, Lvxiao He attended the signing ceremony, and Huamei home Beijing headquarters for in-depth meeting to discuss and explore Domestic home building materials to overseas drainage planning and prospects, but also look forward to the future of Chinese home brand market and overseas market integration planning blueprint.

Jia Feng said that China’s home building materials market will go global, and the domestic market also needs the integration of international brands; MPoint Capital Chairman Chris Fox said that China and the United States in the market channel building, upstream and downstream supply chain platform construction is very successful, Hua-resistant building materials in China’s domestic distribution channels also have an important influence on China’s home building materials market potential in the United States is huge, I hope the two sides can achieve more depth of cooperation as soon as possible.

Next, China and the United States home, Hua-resistant home and MPoint Capital will be based on the strategic cooperation agreement to further expand in-depth home strategic cooperation.

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