China and Japan once again join hands Liang Liang Hua home launch of the national soft loading equipment market

Netease home reported 80,90 became the first consumer group, soft-loaded consumer demand is constantly expanding. The domestic soft clothing brand actively expand channel new cooperation mode, in order to break through, consolidate market share.

Recently, the well-known solid wood furniture brand furniture, together with the South China O2O home improvement leading brands Liang home, a joint venture set up a new company – Lianghua Guangdong overall soft loading Limited. October 26, the company officially listed during the year will launch 29,900 yuan space pricing soft package, consumption patterns of innovation or will bring soft new era of consumer equipment.

Following the overall hardware installed after the whole soft-loaded into the trend

Over the past two years with the rise of the Internet , decoration packages swept the home improvement market, to save money, worry, effort and other advantages swept consumer groups just to be just. According to statistics, the current Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Haikou and other places, 70% of the owners are preferred home improvement packages, packages market demand continues to expand.

As the founder of 688 packages, Liang home as early as in 2008, the rate of the industry first, introduced by the meter-denominated full package package, from the well-known “Guangdong to send building materials supermarket” chain of one-stop transformation of the overall home service providers. At present, good home has formed the price, service, delivery of the three deterministic consumption, the 688 package more complete package, cost-effective price, “standard home improvement + personalized custom” and other core strengths swept the market, the number of stores and construction The rapid growth of body, Liang has become the largest home in South China, the fastest-growing technology-driven O2O one-stop overall home.

After nine years of market research and technology development, Liang home to the package has a deep understanding. Liang, chairman of the home has Zeng Yu believes that the current 85 after the Cenozoic-based consumer groups, the demand for home improvement increasingly inclined to simplify, which gave birth to the “ready” of the consumer market, the future hardware and software combined with the soft Ready-to-install products market prospects are very broad. In this regard, he made it clear that “the whole house must be following the hardcover soft package after the package, the future home improvement market, a major consumer mainstream.

Based on this judgment, has always been known for hard to install the strength of the home in April this year, the first launch of space-based soft-package, the service will expand to the soft-loaded, and store experience to upgrade to hard, soft equipment, appliances and Smart home one of the “home 3.0” form. The depth of the furniture and the Chinese cooperation, is the “whole house soft loading” module is another integrated innovation.

Old furniture enterprise C – terminal anti – fit fit needs to optimize the product force

As a 45-year-old well-known furniture manufacturing enterprises, Huari home to solid wood production Kyo, always adhere to the original design, strict control from the production of raw materials. Product structure, whether customized or finished products, have formed a fairly complete system, product coverage living room, bedroom, dining room and other home space. In the furniture industry, the furniture is the only one for 13 consecutive years by the National Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Center assessed as “national A-level products” business.

In recent years, China and Japan signed the domestic and foreign designers know the product development, from the “daily road” to achieve the perfect Jingdong O2O closed, “how many” out of the country in the Milan exhibition “stand out” to win the old British furniture “British famous” full operation of Chinese agents, furniture, and gradually opened up an international, modern brand image, a diversified lifestyle leader.

In order to meet the rapid development of home improvement Internet model, and Liang household huge consumer base of consumer opportunity, Huari furniture with generous product research and development strength, to create its sub-brand “Lianghua”, and then set up a good home together Lianghua Guangdong overall soft Limited loading. The production side, the channel side and the client, the perfect fusion, burst out of the charm of the product itself. Liang Hua’s mission is to do the whole house soft loading, from production to the channel, and then to the home improvement of the user port of the full-chain services, combined with the Chinese furniture and Liang home both production and channel advantages, you can quickly reach “ready” Cenozoic consumer groups simple, economical and convenient home improvement services needs.

Liang Zuoyu, chairman of the board (left), the chairman of the home, Zhou Xu En (right)

Liang Zuoyu, chairman of home, said the move to change the traditional “sitting pin” way of thinking, will be a “reverse direction of product development.” The emergence of Lianghua is a veteran of solid wood production enterprises, thinking from the C-side counter-push to meet the needs of home improvement users, R & D and market demand to match the results; to provide more effective product experience and services to achieve F2C prices, Integrated design, so as to provide users with the best cost-effective products and services.

In order to meet the different needs of different regions, following the Guangdong sales company, will also be in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places set up a number of regional sales company. At the same time, Lianghua will be launched during the year to 29,900 yuan as the representative of the space pricing soft package. In addition to the production process, relying on strong resources in China and Japan maternal furniture, the relevant regional warehousing, logistics and distribution facilities will further fall to protect the delivery and use of products sold.

It is understood that the future, all the products will Lianghua Liang lines in all lines, including June 23 this year, Liang and co-sponsored by the Chinese home is still a good e e home. Next, with the good home to consolidate the Pearl River Delta, Liang is still e to expand the pace of the country continue to accelerate, will give more consumers to bring new consumption patterns.

Lianghua innovative cooperation model of the domestic market and then shuffle?

In the “Internet +” penetrate the industry today, not only change the consumption patterns, business relationships are changing. For example, the brand manufacturers and channels of mutual game. In general, the brand is small, strong channels, the brand needs an occasion; brand, channel is weak, the channel needs to be weighed. In the fast iterative business environment, innovation and cooperation model is an important direction to achieve win-win situation.

“Huarui has thousands of dealers, Liang is the earliest home from the agency started, we are very aware of the disadvantages of this game.” Lianghua into the two sides of high-quality genes, by the professional team to operate, with products, production, channels , The user port of the fusion, from the C-side user needs, the common market will be bigger, which fundamentally lifted the concerns of the past, the Lianghua is a new definition of the relationship between manufacturers and channels.

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