Boss Electric brand deep plowing strategy to upgrade consumption to boost sales growth

The upcoming double-eleven, they began to trigger a wave of corporate marketing boom. However, from this year’s “Golden September and Silver 10” and the Golden Week consumer trends change, the brand began to divide the business. This division is reflected in the increasingly obvious “Matthew effect”, that is stronger and stronger. In the home appliance industry, this phenomenon is more and more obvious.

According to industry experts, each industry brand concentration is constantly strengthened until the end of the formation of oligopoly competition situation. 2016 kitchen appliance brand sales data show that the more significant the brand, its sales are rising faster. And this gap will continue to be expanded.

Statistics show that the boss, side too, Vantage, Midea, Siemens five brands hood sales accounted for the top five, its share of sales accounted for 31%, respectively, 23%, 10% %, 9% and 5% respectively. Among them, the boss of electrical appliances to a larger share of sales occupied the first place, with the gap between the amount of the second, has more than the total number of brands ranked fifth.

Deep plowing brand strategy, leading consumer culture

Frozen feet, non-day cold.

As early as in 2009, the boss of electrical appliances from a strategic position to see the kitchen appliance industry, the two major trends: intelligent and environmentally friendly, based on this strategic direction, the boss of the brand to open the road of electrical change.

The first is ahead of the layout, build intelligent brand, developed the ROKI intelligent cooking system. Implemented to the product, intelligent cooking in 2015 began to subvert the kitchen appliances. When the original brand is still promoting hood performance and parameters, the boss has the focus of technological innovation on the “easy cooking” this goal.

In the field of environmental protection, the boss electrical appliances for the family kitchen upgrade to social networking platform, a comprehensive package of environmentally friendly products, so that the kitchen becomes clean, eco-family area, so that the kitchen becomes an organic extension of the living room. The brand positioning, let the boss electrical appliances directly become the leading role of the younger generation trend of life, which also brought the best-selling products.

When the industry began to focus on high-end kitchen electric line of sight when the boss has completed the electrical line of high-end product transformation, intelligent manufacturing to the owner of electrical appliances in product quality and performance on the industry-leading product quality plus function to catch up with the trend, Won the favor of consumers.

In addition to brand promotion in the product, the owner of the kitchen appliances also made the culture, Eat empty journey, to return to nature and other ideas, advocate intelligent kitchen electric cooking to improve life, to explore the kitchen fun and enjoy the green “easy cooking” life.

It is understood that in 2016 and IFA Germany Expo Fair, on behalf of China’s intelligent high-end range hood 8229 successful far-reaching overseas, in-depth impression of domestic consumers, “so that cooking has become as simple as driving along the navigation” ROKI cooking System, the rapid fermentation in the minds of consumers, while the whole industry has a smart kitchen electric momentum.

The owner of electrical appliances more like a pilot, weathervane, in early 2016, the proposed green kitchen ecology, open the “return to nature” brand declaration, to create social, exploration, environmental protection and other properties of the kitchen ecology. In the kitchen power brand power, the boss electrical appliances are not limited to household appliances label, occasion Rio, IFA Germany exhibition and other large-scale activities, shaping the national kitchen brand image, gains the first global brand range hoods The reputation.

Brand sales leading Chinese brand debut international

Boss electrical appliances as the originator of the kitchen appliance industry in China, has been leading the industry innovation, is committed to providing consumers with leading-edge technology-leading products in sales performance, has been far ahead.

2016 National Day gold from the hot-selling products, hood 10 best-selling machines, the owner of electrical appliances accounted for 5, the side too occupied 4, of which the boss CXW-200-8215 single product sales share of the highest proportion. The boss of the large suction hood 8215 as the boss of this year’s heavy new issue, redefining the big suction hood, from the “rope suction, strong filter, speed row, energy saving” four dimensions so that the performance of the suction more vividly, The Chinese kitchen stir-fried demand.

Although the industry this year, the highest degree of focus in the smart kitchen electric, but the market data fully shows that consumers are more inclined to smoke hood smoke-absorbing function of the performance. As the owner of electrical products, fist products have a great advantage, constantly optimize and strengthen the ability to smoke net oil smoke in the National Day of the boss in the Competition Competition won the first list of sales hero.

Boss’s performance is not the wave of excellence. Flush data show that the boss electrical appliances for six consecutive years to maintain steady annual net profit of more than three percent, A shares of nearly two thousand listed more than six years of business, only eight companies qualified. The owner of electrical appliances or the only one within the industry finalists.

With a keen vision to capture the industry to upgrade the potential consumption, and persistent high-end strategy and diversified sales channels, the boss electrical not only in the industry come to the fore, but also to further create performance through the cycle of “myth.” Data show that the first half of this year, the company achieved a total revenue of 2.525 billion yuan, an increase of 23.68%; attributable to the owner of the net profit of 423 million yuan, an increase of 37.92%.

It is worth mentioning that the end of 2012 when the boss electrical appliances valuation is only about 16 times, which for the next three years the company can maintain more than 40% of the performance of the fundamentals of growth is greatly underestimated over the past three years Shigekura boss investment Not only earned its high-growth performance of the money, but also earned its valuation of the dividends brought about by the repair.

These data reflect the trend, showing the ambition of the boss of electrical appliances: As the brand leader in kitchen appliances, the boss electrical appliances not only to stabilize the sales champion, but also to become the kitchen appliances industry, “take the lead in Big Brother.”

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