Big brands competing to sell what stuff

30 years ago, Haier in Japan dominate the overseas market hard to play a piece of heaven and earth, marketing is on behalf of a pair of friendly and vibrant Haier Brothers, Haier since overseas access to a huge cognitive assets, a global large appliances famous brand.

16 years ago, Tencent QQ with the absolute use of the absolute monopoly of China’s instant messaging market, so that foreign ICQ and MSN difficult to land in China, and its brand image of the application of QQ Penguin from virtual games, expressions extended to the reality of credit cards, dolls And so on, intimately accompanied by the growth of several generations.

7 years ago, UC browser with a lovely and friendly image of a small flying mouse, and free but stable high-speed performance of the rapid occupation of the Chinese Internet market. Today, the only flying squirrels to continuous technological innovation and excellent market prospects, to become the world’s top third-party mobile phone browser usage.

Throughout the above can get a huge market share of the brand, without exception, building a visual brand image – Haier brothers, QQ penguins, small flying mice, they rely on plain people or anthropomorphic image to arouse the consumer brand Attention and goodwill, and consumers can establish a close emotional connection, improve the brand’s proximity and loyalty. The visual brand image is the brand mascot, the brand development to a certain stage of the product, is a powerful means of beautification and revitalization of the brand.

October 26, the Chinese home building materials industry well-known enterprises of nature home, in the Northeast Forestry University launched the theme of “Please help me draw like a” home mascot brand design competition, set the million bonus and business offer favorable Award, to the national college students to meet the “Nature” brand green, environmental protection, health image of the entries. Why the natural home will choose in the market-intensive prime time to engage in college students design contest this big action? Does this mean that nature will enter a new brand strategy?

(Nature brand mascot design contest will start the scene)

It is understood that originated in Guangdong Shunde nature home, the development has been 20 years of history, and formed a large number of fans user groups. This year, the nature of its “Nature” brand by the World Brand Laboratory brand value of 27.935 billion yuan, reelection of the Chinese flooring industry top. However, in the eyes of consumers, “big brands” – between nature and fans of the sticky and interactive users, but also the lack of a help to arouse consumer sentiment, to maintain the fans loyalty to match the height of the Brand Value.

(Nature brand mascot design competition registration two-dimensional code)

It is reported that, in order to create a more close to the people and the young brand image, for consumers to bring a warm and caring “friends”, the nature of the home to the representative of fashionable young students to collect the same vigor and vitality of the brand mascot, expect to meet the consumer Natural products and services at the same time, to meet consumer demand for brand emotion. In addition, the nature of home through the online registration H5 to the community to collect outstanding works, trying to let more audiences to participate in the creation of the brand mascot. The future, the nature of home brand mascot in what form of birth, whether to become a close friend of consumers, we will wait and see.

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