2016 autumn baking exhibition: boss oven R015 highly sought after

Recently, in the gourmet session ushered in a major event, 2016 “Shanghai Autumn Bakery Exhibition” held in Shanghai, Wang Sen jointly by the school of beans and fruit food held the first “MOF and I have an agreement” family baking final at the exhibition site for two Days of Competition, Biaohua, color, wobble and the production of Makaron and other crafts live on stage.

Boss electrical cross-border food circle, the scene are using the boss oven oven R015. In addition to the field to bring professional support for the oven, the owner of electrical appliances is also held at the scene of the “do not think grilled theater”, the use of Makalong more youthful color matching to three anthropomorphic cartoon image to carry out many food Kam Kam, Lottery interactive, on-site teaching interaction, to the audience to bring visual and taste of the new experience.

It is understood that the exhibition invites the French MOF class dessert Bruno Pastorelli, Michelin Michelin chef Jean Michel, Japan and the fruit of the school, as well as the Chinese bakery master Li Guoxiong, and many other strong lineup of the jury. In addition, the owner of the oven R015 rapid warming, because of its on-site baking temperature and simple operation, on-site judges and contestants on the professional level of the oven is recognized, greatly improving the level of the work.

Home baking peak to promote the “baking hot”

The industry said, “baking heat” is expected to take advantage of this baking exhibition and home baking final rapid warming. As the baking show a strong lineup of judges, family baking was pushed into the baking industry in China a new high.

In China, the development of the baking industry is the trend in recent years began to show, including the popularity of home ovens, kitchen power brand promotion and baking cooking culture promotion, the pursuit of consumer food changes, consumer attitudes to upgrade. According to the “2016 China Kitchen Appliances White Paper” data show that the first quarter of January-April 2016 data, the electric oven up to 50.9% year on year growth rate. To the owner of electrical oven, for example, the rapid development of market performance in 2016, boss Oven R015 repeatedly won the top sales list, popular for all to see.

In particular, the “MOF and I have an agreement” home baking final floor, in addition to the fire with the baking exhibition, but also further to the boss of the oven R015 face market recognition. It is reported that the jury on the owner of the oven very seriously, the evaluation is very high, especially by the French MOF class dessert master Bruno Pastorelli fully affirmed, in the future is expected to expand cooperation with the boss electrical depth.

MOF is the French Meilleur Ouvrier de France referred to, the word may be unfamiliar to ordinary people, but for those who love food and sweets, MOF is a handicraft Oscar, winner of the “best French craftsman” Title and by the French President personally award, is the highest in the French cake division occupation of the highest honor, the French dessert is the highest professional certification.

The boss electrical appliances as China’s high-end kitchen appliances brand, with “do not bake, very good” concept to convey their own unique understanding of baking, this cross-border food circle trying to bake this Western-style cooking into the Chinese diet, From the game to feel the joy of home cooking and baking fun, so as to promote the baking cooking in the popular Chinese kitchen, so that consumers can enjoy a more diverse culinary pleasure.

Boss electrical control + details by the sought after, kitchen electric products usher in consumer upgrades tide

Oven can be baked out of style changeable, retain the original flavor of food, its simple operation to attract a large number of young consumers to purchase. Oven heating through the tube to produce heat, this heating method is the food to retain the original flavor of the reasons, and the oven in the production of cakes, desserts, barbecue, pizza, biscuits and other microwave can not easily handle food, has a greater advantage. New cooking methods have an unparalleled appeal to young consumers, so the sales of electric ovens have been increasing in recent years.

China’s kitchen electric high-end brand owner of the electrical oven introduced R015, with its easy-to-use features for consumers to experience the ultimate high-end kitchen electric enjoyment, baking culture gradually penetrate into the Chinese family, the market and the industry to be praised. According to the data, the owner of electrical ovens in July accounted for the retail market share of retail and retail sales were 14.16% and 13.32%, 3.53% higher than the industry and 2.66%, embedded boss Oven R015 won the pin crown.

Boss oven R015 implementation of the boss electrical “do not bake is also very good” concept, trying to present “intelligent control + details” features, to minimize the operating threshold, so that all consumers can easily cooking and enjoyment. The machine uses a one-click menu operation, so that operation becomes intuitive and simple, each user can easily use. Built-in automatic precision temperature probe, dual temperature dual-control technology, so that temperature control can be accurate to every 1 ℃, consumers can also be more comfortable when baking. Four smart menu, the user can be a key to cooking different types of food, so complicated cooking becomes simple.

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