Prague Troy Palace jiri prihoda architectural sculpture exhibition

jiří příhoda Museum of Fine Arts in Prague – Troy Castle (troja chateau) and within this magnificent baroque building to commemorate the venue – solo sculpture exhibition, the exhibition contains jiří příhoda my recent and early art. These monumental immersive works across boundaries of objects, art and architecture, as a meditation room, futuristic residential, meditation space and natural shelters exist. While many previous works for galleries and design fairs and creation, but has příhoda background for this space will be a re-interpretation of them, in particular, but since it with fantastic museum into a unique baroque frescoes side by side.

Troy within the castle, příhoda installed “helix” (spiral) as a huge kaleidoscope through which visitors can watch the other side of the baroque frescoes. “Helix” plywood production, the title of the work from the negative shape of the Baroque architectural elements are formed, but also means that you can configure and generate an incredible experience for visitors viewing angle.

“C-ARK” (collectors Ark) is a shell-type building, built in the courtyard of the castle of Troy. Here, visitors can watch the copy from the Empire down the hall ceiling fresco fragments, that is the subject of a description of the Trinity. Paintings on huge installed in the Ark of the central horizontal axis, and the audience is almost palpable, because it is hanging over their heads.

“MPod” – designboom (design state) before the 2015 Designblok design exhibition has been characteristic of its report, was conceived as a large residential Mars. The main elements of the structure is a spiral, the spiral surface of Mars before a digital video projection ends. This futuristic residential realized příhoda participate in future Mars missions desire.

Installations “interstellar” (interstellar) contains a movie scene mural, the mural placed in a semi-cylindrical buildings. The film set painter jiří čihák and pavel šmíd complete pair of paintings depicting scenes of life in the future of the organization within the orbit of Saturn over the tube-shaped object instance. “Interstellar” is a direct response to the architecture of the place, but also draws seem ubiquitous Baroque elements.

As for the “event II” ( “Event II”), příhoda audience almost to a reverse transfer system, in order to provide the possibility of onlookers into its interior. The metal and wood objects made of organic modeling seems to be a machine from the future, not only is a desirable means Showcase mathematical inversion model.

For a long time Příhoda interest in the natural world in an academic visit to France Flights been reignited, Příhoda began to study whale life to focus on. Installations “188dB kHz” shows the physical size of the sperm whale and the minke whale fragments stylized interpretation. Title taken from the frequency and decibel exchange between scientists monitoring mammals measured.

In 1993, when the study was rejected příhoda Chrysler Building in New York at the top of the strange type of sculpture, he eventually material through filing them a detailed examination. He plywood and particleboard coated with a layer of lead for these strange type of sculpture was 1: Interpretation 1.

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